Case Study
June 3, 2020

The Development of Etisalat's Smart Hero Table by Joseph Digital Solutions

Joseph Digital Solutions is known for its innovative and high-quality digital solutions. When Etisalat, a leading telecom company in the Middle East, sought to overhaul its retail experience, Joseph Digital Solutions was entrusted with a vital component of the project: the development of the interactive Smart Hero Table.

The Project

In an increasingly competitive market, Etisalat decided to embark on a comprehensive transformation of its retail environment. The telecom giant aimed to create an unprecedented retail experience that would not only make them stand out in the Middle East but also set new global standards. They envisioned a retail environment that was not only visually appealing but also immersive and interactive for their customers. This project was not a minor upgrade but a complete overhaul, redefining what a retail store could offer in terms of customer engagement and brand experience.
The centerpiece of this transformation was the interactive Smart Hero Table. This innovative piece was not just a table, it was a hub for customer engagement, a digital platform where customers could interact with Etisalat's products and services in a completely new and innovative way. This required a blend of advanced digital technologies, an intuitive user interface, and a design that would draw customers in and encourage them to engage with the table.
To bring this vision to life, Etisalat turned to Joseph Digital Solutions. Known for their ability to seamlessly integrate digital technologies with user-friendly interfaces, Joseph Digital Solutions was tasked with developing a table that would not only house the advanced digital technologies but also fit seamlessly into the overall design aesthetic of the new retail stores.
The goal was to create a table that would serve as a focal point in the store, drawing customers in and inviting them to interact with it. It needed to be visually stunning, capable of standing out in the new high-tech, LED-infused store environment, while also being practical and robust to withstand the high traffic of a retail environment.

The Role of Joseph Digital Solutions

While specific details about Joseph Digital Solutions' involvement in the project are scarce, the company's reputation for excellence and innovation suggest a significant contribution. The Smart Hero Table required a blend of technology and user interface design, merging visual appeal with advanced functionality. Given Joseph Digital Solutions' expertise in creating digital solutions that combine efficiency and user-friendliness, it is reasonable to assume that their role was integral to the successful realization of the Smart Hero Table.

The Smart Hero Table

The Smart Hero Table was designed to offer an interactive and engaging customer experience. It allowed visitors to browse through, configure, simulate, alter, and purchase products and packages autonomously, using state-of-the-art interfaces. This digital interaction platform was an essential part of Etisalat's strategy to make the customer journey more enjoyable and engaging, effectively merging the physical and digital retail spaces.
The Smart Hero Table project demonstrates how Joseph Digital Solutions' expertise can contribute to creating a unique and effective customer experience in retail stores. Despite the scarcity of specific details about their role in this project, their potential involvement underscores the company's ability to provide innovative solutions that can significantly impact customer engagement and brand perception. The Smart Hero Table, as part of the new Etisalat store concept, is a testament to the power of integrating digital technology with physical retail spaces, creating a customer experience that is both enjoyable and engaging.

Outcome and Impact

The introduction of the Smart Hero Table has significantly contributed to the transformation of Etisalat's retail stores. The fusion of high impact LED displays, self-service kiosks, and the Smart Hero Table has created an unprecedented standard for next-generation experiential retail design. This new retail environment has been successful in capturing customer attention and improving brand perception, proving the effectiveness of the innovative design approach.

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