Case Study
June 3, 2020

Transforming Visitor Experiences: Joseph Digital Solutions and The National Aquarium Project


The National Aquarium project, executed by Joseph Digital Solutions (JDS), sets a new paradigm in the design and implementation of interactive installations for edutainment purposes. The project, spanning three phases, encompassed a vast array of technologies and creative applications aimed at providing immersive and educational experiences for visitors.

Phase 1: Laying the Foundation

The first phase of the project involved designing and building 17 distinct installations across different areas and themes of the aquarium. The design process was rigorous, requiring meticulous planning and a deep understanding of the aquarium’s unique requirements. The JDS team capitalized on their expertise in hardware installation, content development, and interactive applications to deliver a series of immersive experiences that seamlessly blended with the aquarium's educational and conservation goals.
One of the standout features in this phase was the use of 3D projection mapping. This technology enabled JDS to create visually stunning and interactive displays that brought the aquarium’s themes to life. The installations varied in scope and subject matter, ranging from marine life ecosystems to the impact of pollution on the ocean. This phase laid the groundwork for the interactive and immersive experiences that would follow in subsequent stages.

Phase 2: Engaging the Young Minds

The second phase of the project was directed towards creating interactive game areas, specifically designed to engage and educate younger visitors. The first area was a themed rainforest where children could interact with virtual animals at kiosks. As children touched the animals, they would react and reveal an interesting fact, promoting an engaging learning experience.
The second area featured the innovative "Throw Wall" game. In this installation, an interactive projection of parrots dropping Brazilian nuts from a tree was displayed on a wall. When children hit the projected nuts with a plush ball, the nuts would pause and present an interesting fact. This interactive game not only added an element of fun but also fostered a unique method of learning and engagement for the young visitors.

Phase 3: Pushing the Boundaries of Interactivity

The third phase consisted of various interactive experiences that capitalized on the power of cutting-edge technology to deliver immersive educational experiences. The 'Parallax' interactive experience invited viewers to interact with screens, causing the images to 'come to life'. This feature encouraged active participation from the visitors, enhancing their engagement with the content.
Furthermore, a video mapping installation was set up, which utilized creative projection mapping to animate photographs and reveal a story about the Pristine Seas project. This installation not only offered a captivating visual experience but also highlighted the importance of ocean conservation.
Finally, the 'Nat Geo Movie' installation was created. This area continuously played clips from the National Geographic’s Pristine Seas project, providing visitors with a deeper understanding of oceanic ecosystems and the efforts to conserve them.
The National Aquarium project by Joseph Digital Solutions illustrates the transformative power of digital technology in enhancing visitor experiences in edutainment spaces. Through a strategic blend of interactive games, immersive installations, and educational content, JDS succeeded in creating a multi-faceted visitor experience that combined entertainment and education in a compelling manner. The project underscores the potential of digital solutions to revolutionize the way institutions like aquariums engage with their visitors, fostering a more interactive and enriching learning environment.

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